About Us

Social gaming is what our company is all about, and we follow this basic idea. There are many sites on the Internet with games as apps or as games for the browser. But mostly these are connected with corresponding fees or other financial stakes. We reject this, because it does not meet our expectations.

As a social gaming company, we offer our games, regardless of whether they are apps or browser games, without financial obligations for our customers. Instead, our games are played exclusively with virtual money.

Of course, as a company we attach great importance to our apps and games. For example, that they are of high quality. This applies to the entertainment and fun factor, but also to technical aspects such as resolution. Here, our employees invest a lot of time, energy and creativity in order to be able to offer our customers the largest and most exciting range of products possible.

This also includes constantly reviewing our games and apps and also expanding our range. New apps and browser games are developed by our employees for our customer.